How to Support CIMF - Introduction

As a charitable organization that is 100% self-funded, the CIM Foundation (CIMF) relies on the generous support of CIM members to attain its objectives.  There are several ways to support the CIMF, that is either through immediate financial gifts (cash, cheque or credit card) or through other gifts such as securities, annuities, life insurance, real estate and bequests that you can donate to help support the industry through CIMF.
All contributions are eligible for a tax credit under federal and provincial Income Tax rules.  In addition, some types of donations are more advantageous to donors as they provide additional benefits. For instance, when a stock is gifted through a transfer of ownership, the donor receives a tax credit for the full value of the stock even if the stock is a flow-through stock.  The donor is exempt from paying capital gains and the tax credit is applicable to any income.  In the case of a bequest it may be beneficial to the estate if the last will and testament directs a gift of stock to the charity. 

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You can claim charitable donations to CIMF for up to 75% of your net income.  Should there be a portion of your gift that is unused during the year of the donation, you can carry the unused portion forward for up to five years.  CIMF is delighted to provide assistance and information to help facilitate gifts of funds and/or securities, but also encourages all donors to consult the advice of their financial planners to ensure that they are benefiting from the best fiscal advantages available to them.

Once your gift is received, a letter gratefully acknowledging your contribution will be forwarded to you within the first few weeks.  Your receipt for income tax purposes will then be sent to you at the beginning of February, unless otherwise requested.  The Foundation gratefully acknowledges all donors annually in the CIMF newsletter as well as the on the CIMF Web site, unless you request to remain anonymous. 

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